All Fancy

I’ve walked by The Wayfarer, a fancy-ish restaurant on 57th and 6th, for a couple of years now. I’d mentioned to Justin that I’d wanted to try it when we were in the mood to be fancy and splurge on a meal a couple of months ago, and to my total surprise, as part of my Christmas gift, he’d saved the email I’d sent him and made a reservation for us to eat there on Saturday night. He sore a suit jacket and fancy shoes and I wore a black dress and boots and off we went. 

After being seated in the most perfect circular booth, we started with pink champagne and fried chicken dumplings (first photo) and for seconds, a Six Point (him) and more pink champagne (me). For entrees, he had the burger and fries; I had the roasted beet and kale salad (bottom left) and the shrimp tempura rolls (top right). We ended up splitting sides of charred broccoli (so good) and sautéed brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds (even better). Lastly but certainly not least, we split the molten chocolate lava cake with whipped cream and chocolate ice cream (bottom right).

Everything was absolutely delicious. It was a perfect night to get dressed up and pretend to be a little fancier than we are on an every day basis. 

I highly recommend it. 

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