I’m Kicking My Own Ass.

Does anyone remember what movie this is from? It’s from Liar, Liar. Such a funny movie that I watched a LOT of times growing up. I wonder if it’d stand up against my memories if I watched it now. Anyways, I digress. 

That’s how I feel whenever I go to my advanced-intermediate (Russian) vinyasa class on Monday (and sometimes Wednesday) nights. I call it Russian vinyasa simply because the teacher is Russian. She is one the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen and so, so strong.

Between my upheaval at work in November and the stress and business of the holidays, I started skipping this class in favor of less strenuous ones. As a result, I think I lost strength in some of my yoga poses. Now that I’m eating vegetables in place of a lot of carbs, I’m feeling better and like I want to get back to kicking my own ass at least once, preferably twice, per week. 

I need to add strength training into my regime as well. I do all this cardio with limited strength training. 30 chaturangas per class only does so much. 

I’m happy to be kicking my own ass again. 


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