This was my hair in May 2014. It’s quite possible that it was the longest my hair had ever been since I was about 5 years old. I had gotten my hair cut regularly during college – like, too regularly. Once every 2-3 months. It was nuts. 

But then I stopped. Just like that. I just decided to let my hair grow. Then I discovered curling wands and I had been changed for good ™. Now I get my hair cut maybe 2 times a year. Usually once before the summer and another cut during the winter for whatever reason (usually because it’s unmanageable). 

The last time my hair was cut was in June 2015. I thought it was time to chop off my locks, yet again, for the summer. I almost went really short, too – like above the shoulder but slightly below the jawline. Jesus christ, that didn’t work in the 4th grade (though I was chubby back then) and it probably wouldn’t work now. I’m really glad I didn’t go that short and although I went to about the shoulder, as per usual, I kind of ended up regretting it. 

I know chopping off all your hair at one point or another is all the rage, but I realized after that cut that I just like my hair long. Sure, it’s annoying to have so much hair to dry, but other than finger-drying my hair, I don’t do much to it. I shampoo it, condition it, dry it in the most lazy way possible, and then put some serum on it to keep the frizz at bay. Overall I spend probably 10 minutes per day on my hair. 

I’ve heard it said that some women, after they chop off their hair, feel like they had been hiding behind it for years. In fact, I’ve been fighting with my hair for years to keep it out of my face. But recently, I’m letting it be messy and letting all of it down. No butterfly clips, no hairties, no bobbypins. In fact, I’m actually liking how it’s looking. 

Now my bangs? Those are another story. They were trimmed way too short last week at Dramatics but they’ll grow back soon. They always do. But: my bangs are here to stay, too. 


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