No More Baby Pictures

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I realized it was a way too many pictures of friend’s and acquaintance’s babies. Additionally, I get the occasional Shutterfly email explaining that a close friend of mine had uploaded another 65 pictures of her kid’s dentist appointment (about 80% of these shots will be basically the same, of course). I used to look at these out of curiosity. 

Digital photography is great, it’s amazing. I love it because I can take as many pictures of random shit as I want to and not have to worry about using an entire roll of film. But the olds need to learn to how to sort through their photos before posting 55 shots of the same thing to a digital album. No one actually cares how your kid looked on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe they do – but they only need to see one shot to get the picture (no pun intended).  

So, I desperately need to unsubscribe from people’s feeds when they’re adding no value to my Internet’ing experience. Maybe it’ll clear room to see actual interesting things or photos of things that are not babies. Because babies aren’t always cute and they’re really boring after a short time after a photo or two. 

That is my rant for today. 

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