Last Friday I ventured with my dude to the 92nd Street Y to see an evening of Instagram founder Mike Krieger in conversation with editor Nick Thompson. It was in one of the Y’s smaller spaces that I’d never been in before so that was cool. We sat in the second row and awaited to hear the story of Instagram.

It turns out that Instagram started out an entirely other app and when he realized that the photo part was what was really catching on, they threw out the other app idea entirely and went with something that was really simple that was basically only photos, ie. Instagram. 

J had one of his questions answered during the Q&A, which was very cool and he appreciated hearing it. The entire talk lasted about an hour. Afterward we grabbed some food at The District and headed back to Morningside Heights. 

It’s always cool to take advantage of things like this, especially when they’re so close to home. 


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