Holiday Weekend

I almost never leave the city on holiday weekends. At least not to the usual escapes – Hamptons, etc. – or for the entire weekend. We’ll be headed to @endotique’s abode for the night on Sunday, but that’s about all the traveling that I can handle on a holiday weekend.

Why? For one it’s super expensive. Flights? You better be ready to pay top dollar. You’re going to skip around all the airfare and drive? Hah. Good luck being stuck in traffic for endless hours.

But you know what’s also nice? Being in the city – in your neighborhood – when it’s all locals who’ve also decided to stay put. Restaurants are emptier. Your local bookstore is quiet. And you can actually get a table at your favorite cafe to sit and read without having to get to said-cafe when they unlock the door when they unless unlock the door on the morning.

The streets are also empty. Which is nice.

I’m started my weekend with seeing along Day’s Journey Into Night. Nothing like a 3 hour & 45 minute drama to get the weekend off on the right foot.

I just know how to have a good time.

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