Review: THINX

When I had a Leep almost 6 weeks ago, I was told I couldn’t use tampons for 6 weeks. Well, fuck. I hadn’t worn a pad since I was 18 and I didn’t miss them a bit. But I thought this was an opportune time to try Thinx, which I’d read a lot of great reviews on. But yes, I was super skeptical of them.

I bought two pairs and put them on with a liner during the first heavy day of my period (with a black dress, of course). I’m happy to say they held up pretty well. I think I probably should’ve brought the second with me to work to change in to, but oh well. I think on day 2 and 3, I pussied out (pun intended) and wore them with a pad. 

They did make sleeping at night less stressful because when I used to wear pads in high school, I’d always wake up in the middle of the night to check for leaks and now I didn’t have to.

During my second period, I never wore the THINX without a thin pad, but they still helped with my paranoia about leaks during the day and at night. I usually wore one pair a day, washing them by hand and let them dry overnight. 

So, they DO hold if you wear them on your heavy day without a pad (though I’d suggest you wear more than one pair a day) but they’re also really good if you ever find yourself in a position like me where you’re unable to wear tampons for a period (hah) of time. 

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