Mysterious Ways

Almost two years ago when I was still at a job that by all means I liked, our office manager invited in a friend of hers, Monty Taylor, an astrologist, to read people’s charts if they so wished. I signed right up and paid my cash-money when he arrived that summer day.

I have the entire reading on my iPhone, and though I’ve never listened to it again, but I’ve always remembered something that he told me when I asked him about I should do career-wise. I liked my job, and the company, but I was bored AF. There wasn’t a lot of work to do and yeah, I was bored. He told me to get into a position where I’m scheduling and organizing things. There was no specific hint as to what I should be scheduling and organizing, but he said I’d thrive if I got into a job that included those responsibilities.

This popped into my head recently and a light bulb went off. “Holy shit, it came true.” I’m in a job now where I’m spend my entire days organizing and filling schedules. (It doesn’t sound fun, but it is and I love it.) And I’m damn good at it, too. I’ve received lots of praise, which is never a bad thing.

I was reminded to back off and stop trying to control things after watching a video that Gabby Bernstein posted yesterday on her blog where she talked about just that. It’s something that I need to remember more often when I feel myself going nuts just trying to control everything in my life (primarily when I begin to think about  where I “should” be at this point in my life and the self-loathing that comes from comparing yourself to people around).

It’s a good lesson. Probably one that most of us need. But: damn. Universe, you work on your own timeline. Good job.


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