Spotting at Summer Solstice Times Square

One of the reasons I can recall for committing to the yoga teacher training intensive in January was back a few years ago at a Lole event in Central Park. I saw people who I only assumed were certified teachers walking around adjusting participants. I remember thinking to myself, “I’ve been doing this long enough so I could do that. I just need the credentials.” I supposed I wanted to be, not a full time yoga teacher, but someone who dabbles occasionally in spotting and adjusting (and maybe teaching one day, who knows).

So this year when the annual Summer Solstice in Times Square was announced, I reached out to the people at Times Square Alliance to offer up my services. I sent it to a general email address and I think I reached out on Twitter, but I didn’t expect my general email to reach the right people.

BUT! on Monday I received an email asking for a copy for a signature on a waiver and a copy of my teaching training certificate. Today I received my confirmation email. If anyone is going to the first early morning class, let me know. I’ll be there walking around and offering adjustments (this is actually really nerve wracking).

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.09.53 PM


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