Happy Mother’s Day: My Name Name is Lucy Barton (a Review)

I always jump at any chance to see Laura Linney onstage. She is undeniably talented so I jumped at the chance to see her perform a one-woman play back in February. Based on a book of the same name, the show tells the story of a woman, Lucy, who goes into the hospital for a routine operation and winds up staying for 9 weeks.

The show is largely about what happens when she wakes up one day and sees her mother at the foot of her bed, whom she hasn’t seen in 9 years because her mother disapproves of her life choices. Linney plays both Lucy and Lucy’s mother. It is a moving, though somewhat sad play but definitely worth seeing. Linney very ably carried the show effortlessly the entire 90 minutes. If you have a chance to witness Laura Linney onstage, grab it.


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