Photo of the Day

You may be wondering, “what’s up with all the pictures?"  Well, I was glancing through my book ”No One Cares What You Had For Lunch,“ a book full of blogging ideas, and one of the ideas was taking one photo a day for 365 days and see what kind of pictures you take.  So, that is what I’m doing.  It won’t turn my blog into a photo-only blog though.  Don’t worry!

Kelly Clarkson: The Next Chapter

So, on Friday, Kelly Clarkson’s 4th album, All I Ever Wanted, dropped and of course I was waiting with baited breath.  I’ve listened to it half a dozen times now (I spent a lot of time on the train this weekend!) so I thought I should put in my two cents (and of course, tell you to buy it):

My Life Would Suck Without You:  The first single is, I think, an unconventional single because it’s a mouthful to say – and doesn’t roll of ones tongue easily.  It’s still catchy as always though.  Does anyone else think the first few chords sound eerily similar to those of “Since U Been Gone”?

I Do Not Hook Up:  The title says it all.  Clarkson is a good girl and wants you to know it, “keep your hand on my handand your heart of your sleeve."  Maybe this is a song to a partying rock star?  Listen to the first lyric and you’ll know why.  Though it’s a bit whiny, it still comes with a good hook and gets you going whether or not you agree with the message.

All I Ever Wanted:  For any girl that’s ever just wanted to get over a guy and nothing seems to work, this song is for you.

Don’t Let Me Stop You:  She’s brave is asking for what she wants.  A song that girls can learn a thing or two from since girls are taught not to ask the man they’re seeing for what they want.

Already Gone:  A slow, painful break-up song.  I can relate because I’ve broken up and been "already gone."  Mentally, that is.

If I Can’t Have You:  A girl on the edge who is totally in love with someone who’s in the spotlight.  ”Think about all the love you will loose if I can’t have you.“  Not exactly the Bee Gees 1970’s hit, but a valiant attempt nonetheless.

Save You:  Another slow song.  An attempt to make a boy feel better.  With a string orchestra and piano in the bridge, it’s very classical-sounding.

Whyyouwannabringmedown:  Yes, that’s how the title appears on the CD.  This is my favorite song, thus far.  An extremely upbeat and rock-heavy anthem to a guy who’s giving her nothing (sound familiar?).

Long Shot:  An extremely emotional, yet hopefully, and chopping song for any girl whose ever dated a guy who she knows she has no chance with.

Impossible:  A slow tempo song to cry to when you realize the chances of what you have with someone has no chance of working out.  Pretty standard.

Ready:  An upbeat song with a hint of country that is someone reminiscent of Reba McIntyre or Carrie Underwood.

I Want You:  A funky feel-good No Doubt-circa Return to Saturn-esque "girl wants the boy” anthem.  This would be a perfect song to be set on repeat in Dylan’s Candy Bar.

If No One Will Listen: A ballad that tells you to let it out and cry.  Kelly will be there to listen to you (at least in your head).

As always, there are songs that I like more than others, but this album left me incredibly satisfied and it’s one that I’ll have on repeat for a long time.  Pick it up on Amazon!

Confessions of a Dateaholic

Hi, my name is Allison and I’m a dateaholic.  We are two months into 2009 and I’ve been on ten dates.  Oy.  Ten dates in 60 days!  Christ.  I’m not even pimped out by a matchmaker either.  These are just men I’ve met out-and-about, or through friends.

Sam and Michael were friends of friends – Sam realized after our very nice date that he just “wasn’t ready to be dating again,” whatever!  Alan was one of the “singles” in Time Out New York’s “Singles Issue."  I’m not sure why he was in there, three days later he was leaving to go to Chicago for a month for work.  Greg, well his date can be summed up in one word:  Seth, too, though at least he had manners.  Rick was my ballsy move of the year.  Remember how Aaron had seen me in his office and emailed me to ask me out?  Well, that’s what I did to Rick.  I saw him in the magazine and emailed him.  We went to a comedy club on the LES, and although he was a really nice guy, he was just too shy.  Hunter can best be described as a one-week fling, I think, because I don’t know if we ever went on an official "date."  We’re friends now though, so it’s okay.  Michael (a 2nd one) was a guy that Jason wanted me to go out with.  He was a very cute journalism graduate student at Columbia, a Canadian too, but unfortunately there was just no connection.  It was disappointing considering he was cute, and smart, and Canadian… what more does one need?  One of my most recent train wrecks of a dating catastrophe happened about a week and a half ago.

His name was also Michael (yes, a third one), and I met him at a random event at a bar in the village.  I have to admit, I couldn’t determine his sexuality when we were first started talking – and I definitely wasn’t flirting.  By the end of the event, he was offering to walk me to the train and asked me out by the end of that night for the following night.  It was a nice date, but I should’ve known something was up with him when he couldn’t even wait until the end of the first date to kiss me and kissed me instead about an hour into the night.  I think he was also a bit inebriated after the three cocktails we each had.  We hung out two other times in the next week and after we had plans for the following Saturday – but I never heard from him again when I tried to confirm the plans.  I ended up with better plans that night but I was still upset.  All my friends (even Jason – who had actually liked and was rooting for him) told me "screw him!” except, strangely enough, was my mother who tried to rationalize that maybe something happened to him.  Well, unless he was kidnapped, dead, or in a coma, there was absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior.  Then I realized, hey, this is New York.  Shit happens.  And just like that, I’m over it.  My friends assured me that I didn’t do anything wrong and the guy was just an asshole – even Jason, who wll be the first to tell me when I’m being a crazy woman.  He said the only crazy thing was that I was upset about such a sad excuse for a guy.

Tonight I went to a Japanese restaurant, and then for Gelato, with a guy that I met on Tuesday night, Peter.  I hadn’t remembered what he looked like, but he recognized me and I immediately recognized him seconds after.  He was very cute, and we laughed a lot.  He asked me if I wanted to go to the movies later this week when the date was over – he said he’d call me.  I’m not sure whether or not to hold my breath!

So, that’s my dating track record for 2009 (so far).  Some could say that I’m dating TOO much and that’s why they’re all (well almost all) one-daters, but I like to think of it more as putting myself out there.  If I don’t meet people, how will I ever find one I like?  I’m extremely excited because a guy (yet another Michael) that I also met on Tuesday night, called me two nights ago.  He seems like a rather timid guy – but also very sweet and VERY cute; he seems really happy that I gave him my number the second time we spoke (yes, that’s correct, I gave a guy, who didn’t ask, my number!).  Jason said, “That’s the opposite of your usual type.  That’s a good thing."  Maybe so.

*All the names of the guys have been changed, except Jason, because I’m not writing to publicly slander anyone.

Photo of the day #2: That says “Take Nights Classes at the Chewniversity."  These types of posters, no matter how witty, are making the insides of the already-gross looking trains even darker and dingier.  What about a white background, Snickers people?

Recession Secret #1

Today I was enlightened.  Instead of my usual $3.79 chai or $3.90 caramel macchiato at Starbucks, I can opt for a Misto for $2.33.  A latte is steamed milk and espresso; a Misto is steamed milk and coffee.  It tastes almost exactly the same, and it’s $1.50 cheaper!

Mistos all the way!

Do you think YOU could go 6 months without a date? Let’s say 3 months, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. If you did that, I think you would probably shrivel up into an attention-less ball of pathetic.

Jason, and this is why we’re friends.