A Playlist to Yell With

There are certain songs that I listen to when I’m trying to get over someone.  These are those songs:

  1. Fighter (by Christina Aguilera) – No, I’ve never been physically abused, but this is just the epitome of female empowerment.
  2. Boyfriend (by Fefe Dobson) – Yes, this little known song by this one-hit-wonder helps me get through some stuff.  I’d recommend that you all download it.
  3. Don’t Waste Your Time (by Kelly Clarkson) – This is your song for those exes that just won’t let you forget them.
  4. Womanizer (by Britney Spears) – You know you’ve dated at least one.  This is an incredibly catchy send-off to all of them.
  5. Nothing New (by Ashlee Simpson) – Download this and listen to the lyrics.  It’s a woman’s casting off of a guy who she fights with over and over.  The last lyric, “I’m over the drama of you, there’s something new!
  6. Last Time I Cry (by Orfeh): This isn’t an angst-ridden song so much as it is a song to cry to when you’re trying to get over someone. (If you haven’t heard of Orfeh, check her out!  She is fantastic!)
  7. Never Again (by Kelly Clarkson) – for obvious reasons.  You’ve been betrayed and hurt by someone you trusted and you need to scream at them.  This song lets you get out the aggression in the privacy of your own living room so you don’t make a jackass out of yourself.