Instead of the normal ‘let’s go to a bar and drink for my birthday’ thing, I decided to go a much cheaper (and more fun, IMHO) route: I cooked and invited a bunch of friends over.

I made tabouli, spicy peanut noodles, salad, sweet potato fries, rice-crusted lemony chicken, almond butter chocolate chunk cookies, and bought some apple cider donuts from the Lincoln Square farmers market.

Everyone else bought wine. And cupcakes. 

By the time I dragged out my DSLR, I was several glasses under so most of my shots were blurry. But my best friend signed me up for a Pandora account which we put on my Roku, listened to some rock, played Cards Against Humanity, drank more wine, and eventually my guitars were busted out towards 1am.

Today I started my somewhat-hungover day with a quick meditation, lots of stretching, and an episode of GIRLS. Later I’ll be having brunch with my family at The Green Table in Chelsea Market.