A couple of weeks ago I saw On Your Feet!, The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan at the Marquis Theatre. I only remembered some of her music growing up in the 90′s and I knew nothing about her life growing up in Miami. This was bound to be a history lesson on all fronts.

The timing of this show is perfect – a show about (a lot of) immigrants who do good shit and work their asses off. We need this right now in this country. I don’t think Gloria lived an extraordinary childhood by any means, but she was a very talented kid and to say that she’s lucky that Emilio found her is an understatement. The most amazing part of her story, though, was her recovery from her tour bus accident. I had zero idea this happened and her path to walking and dancing again is an inspiring one. (Sorry, spoiler alert?)

Luckily, this is a jukebox musical that is structured very well. The story flows and boredom is never really a thing that happens because every time you might find yourself looking for your Playbill, another one of her hit songs blares over the speakers and the energy in the audience spikes. Ana Villafane as adult Gloria and Alexandria Suarez as young Gloria were both excellent. Villafane sounded like an exact replica of Gloria herself. And lastly, Omar Lopez-Cepero, whom I remember from American Idiot, duh, was excellent as Emilio. 

On Your Feet! is a must-see for Estefan fans everywhere, at the very least.


This is the playlist that I’ve been rocking out to lately. It’s inspired by (and mostly copied from) the 90’s playlist that my colleague and I rock out to on Spotify in the office. I think a majority of these songs are from the 90’s (admittedly: I alway skip past No Scrubs). They’re all from 10+ years ago at least. Which is nuts. And can we talk about The Offspring for a second? I loved them in junior high. Dexter is like 40 now. Oy. 

I love each and every one of these songs. There are few songs from the last ten years (save for almost anything Green Day has done) that I like as much. Why was music so much better in the 90’s? Now all we get are the All American Rejects, Nickleback, and Justin Bieber.

Well, I guess we can always rest soundly that Paul McCartney is still alive. There’s always that.