I think I’d read The Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein once in high school or college on my own, not for a class or anything. I’d completely forgotten what it was about but when Kristen saw, loved it, and came back telling me, “It’s about a feminist in the 60′s who bucks tradition of female roles,” combined with great reviews, I immediately bought a ticket on TDF and went last weekend. 

I’m not entirely familiar with Elizabeth Moss (having never watched Mad Men and all) but as Heidi, she totally owned the stage and stole the spotlight. She could’ve very much faded into the background with so much talent onstage alongside her (Bryce Pinkham, Tracee Chimo, etc.) but she didn’t. Especially her monologue in Act 2. She brought tears to the eyes of audience members around me. You know who faded into the background? Jason Biggs. I’ve seen him onstage once before and he wasn’t as emotionless as he was in this. When he told Heidi that he loved her, I was like, “really? Try acting like it.” I’m convinced he was hired for his name to sell tickets, not his talent. Oh well, it happens.

Tracee Chimo always steals the scene when she’s onstage and it was no different this time. I’m also so happy and thankful that Bryce Pinkham took a leave of absence from Gentleman’s Guide to do this as he was really great. Another stand out for me was Ali Ahn as Susan, one of Heidi’s good girlfriends through the years. I appreciated her portrayal of a strong woman in a male-dominated corporate America (especially in the 80′s).

My only ax to grind with this show might be the fact that she adopts a baby at the end of the show. She’s bucked tradition up until then, so why stop now? But hey, at least she did it on her own terms and without a man.

The Heidi Chronicles says nothing we haven’t heard before but it shows us how little women have achieved since this time and how much work we still have to do. 


Taking Her Tony Home

This article, about Jessie Mueller, was really adorable. I highly suggest you read it. I’m sure she was totally excited to do this interview this morning after partying all night at the Carlyle 😉

The top moments from last night:

  1. A Gentleman’s Guide winning Best Musical. Obviously. (Full disclosure: my current office of employment works on the show so we were all incredibly happy.)
  2. Hedwig’s performance. it was the best (GGLAM following a close second!). Hedwig is going to be sold out for their entire run soon. Mark my words.
  3. Lena & NPH winning their much deserved awards.
  4. Bryan Cranston and All the Way winning. Love that show. 
  5. Jessie Mueller’s acceptance speech. She was so sincere. 

Let’s see, last night’s WTF moments were as follows:

  1. The Wicked performance. That was the best they could do? Come on. Idina Menzel was in the house – throw her $10k to perform Defying Gravity. She’s a single mom now, so she could probably use the extra money, right? (No, I’m just being an asshole and I’m completely kidding. I think she makes upwards of $20k/week for If/Then, she’s fine.) This performance was a waste of time and a dishonor to a show that’s been on Broadway and selling out for 10 years. 
  2. The Music Man rapping. WHAT WAS THIS? Everyone at the party was speechless. We had no idea what was going on. 
  3. Nikki James in Les Miserables. Jesus christ. When is she scheduled to go on vacation because I cannot sit through a production of Les Miserables for three hours where Eponine sounds like a, and I quote, bag of dying babies. Miscast, indeed.  
  4. Celia Keenan-Bolger and The Glass Menagerie losing. WHAT? This was not supposed to happen. Wires got crossed somewhere.
  5. The opening number. Look, I get it, I read online today why Hugh Jackman was hopping, but even if I’d gotten the reference when I was watching it, it was still incredibly boring. It was one of the most lackluster openings in a while.

It wasn’t the best Tony’s, but it had it’s moments. I was exhausted and made my way home around midnight. It’s always worth the exhaustion. 

Taking Her Tony Home