Billy Crudup to Star in Adam Rapp’s Metal Children World Premiere Off-Broadway

I’m very excited for this play, not only because Adam Rapp wrote it, but because it’s an interesting play.  I read a copy of one an earlier draft and I wasn’t bored once.  For more information, click here.

Billy Crudup to Star in Adam Rapp’s Metal Children World Premiere Off-Broadway

So, tonight there was a book signing & release party for Adam Rapp’s (first &) new book, Ball Peen Hammer, with graphics by George O’Connor, at The Book Court (163 Court Street) in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  They were both in attendance and talked for around an hour – they each had a list of ten questions for each other since they said it’s rather hard to do a reading from a graphic novel.  Being that I’m a really awesome, die-hard Adam Rapp fan I totally [didn’t know] knew he was releasing this book.  Then again, I’m not a fan of graphic novels.  Well, it need not be said that I’m a huge fan of his; I’ve seen 99% of productions of his shows in New York since 2006 (starting with Red Light Winter, which is amazing and being made into a movie).  He’s one of my favorite writers in multiple literary categories.

Anyways, so they answered each others questions and took questions from the audience.  Adam is very different from his brother (who is an actor) because he is definitely not the outgoing one of the two.  I noticed his hands shaking as they took their seats in front of the audience and he rarely made eye-contact.  He was well-spoken though.  They both agreed that this was the darkest thing they’d both ever worked on (it started a play first, but then Rapp knew no one would ever produce it and his agent/manager thought it’d make a good graphic novel), which sparked my interest a bit so I picked up a copy from the front counter when they were done answering questions (I asked how writing a graphic novel was different from writing his last novel, The Year of Endless Sorrows – which is also a great book).

I went up to Rapp and asked if he would sign in and he was very sweet, though quiet.  I told him I was excited for The Metal Children at the Vineyard Theatre and that the Jesus-quote from it was one of my favorite lines (I interned at a casting agency for a hot second once, and they had a copy of it laying around the offices).    I also asked about Red Light Winter (the movie) and he said it might be in production as soon as next month.  I gushed a bit, I guess.  I was excited to meet him, give me a break (and I was surprised he was so nice, because I had heard otherwise).  I wished him luck with everything and he shook my hand.  It was cool.  I went and said hello to George O’Connor after, and he said signed my book, too.  I wished him luck, snapped the above picture of Rapp and was off.

(Picture above is mine, via Blackberry.  Adam Rapp is in the center in the sweater vest.)