I finally got to see Aladdin last Sunday night. It’s a great theatrical circus onstage, but I think the stage at the New Amsterdam is too small. They fill up the stage, but it’s all an illusion. 

I liked it a lot for the most part because it brought back great memories of childhood, but I hated how they changed the story in the second act. I know they did it so they could more easily stage it but it was annoying. 

The only main character that was being understudied was the Genie, James Monroe Inglehart. But his understudy, Trevon Dion Nicholas, was so great that my friend who’d seen Inglehart before didn’t realize that he wasn’t actually onstage.  Otherwise Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed, as Aladdin and Jasmine respectively, were both lovely. 

Aladdin is basically a 42nd Street tourist trap, but it’s a fun one.