the fact that the police union president is using terms like “wartime police force” should scare the shit out of you. it really should. everyone out there protesting, they are going to use this killing as justification to escalate their response to any and every perceived slight. they have already said the words “the voices of these protestors must be silenced.” 

do not allow them to silence you, but please, please be careful. protect yourselves and each other

Exact thoughts. This NYPD has been a “wartime police force” ever since it was given arrest quotas to fill. I’m no fan of the NYPD in many instances (especially recently), but what happened to two innocent police officers last night is horrific. But sitting back and watching the union and assholes everywhere blame De Blasio and the protesters is absolutely disgusting. They didn’t pull the trigger. The protests have been 98% peaceful. Go turn your hate into prayers and thoughts for the families of those two cops. 

The point of the protests has not been to kill anyone, but to demand reform. Demand the firing of blatantly racist cops and demand that cops who kill unarmed citizens be brought the justice. No, not death of anyone. The killer was from out of town and a crazy person.  I haven’t read one report that he’d been to a protest this entire time. De Blasio was speaking honestly about his experiences with his son. His son is half black so yes, he has to be careful. More careful than, say, a white kid from Long Island. The truth hurts to hear sometimes, but it was the truth and it needed to be said. I’m glad our mayor had the guts to say it. 

Losing these two lives was just as senseless and unnecessary as Eric Garner losing his. Maybe if both sides could admit that, we could come to the table and start a discussion and make sure this never happens on either side again.