On Saturday night my friend (and yoga teacher) invited me to see her husband’s band, The Salted Hand, play down at Fontana’s on the Lower East Side. It was kind of like a guitar school band recital for guitar students from the NYC Guitar School

All of their songs were covers and it was basically a concert of my favorite songs. They started with Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams, then played Amsterdam by Guster, followed by Weezer’s Buddy Holly

Their short set was awesome and the perfect way to begin a night out downtown. We went after to Excuse My French, The Mockingbird, and a late-night snack at Joe’s Pizza

Dutch Seek To End ‘Drug Tourism’

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and I maintain that it’s one of the greatest cities in the world (third only to New York and London).  It’s such a beautiful city with so much culture, nightlife, and the people (at least every single one that I encountered) were so nice.  

Emily, with whom I visited Amsterdam for the first time in 2007, thinks residents would probably buy it and sell it to tourists, and this would probably lead to an increase in crime.  I think she’s probably right and the Dutch coffee shops probably aren’t too happy about this revelation of their government.  We had decided to go because of we wanted to see Anne Frank’s house (and she wanted to see the Van Gogh museum) but to deny that legal pot was a tiny bit of a draw as well is an atrocious lie.  

I would love to go back to Amsterdam again sometime in the future, but it would be a totally different experience if the above is changed.  

Dutch Seek To End ‘Drug Tourism’