Last Thursday my friend Nick invited me to a sold-out performance show that he was starring in titled “... And Then I Wrote A Song About It,” with book by Eric H. Weinberger, music by Daniel S. Acquisto, lyrics by Sammy Buck, and directed by Igor Goldin (Yank!).  ATIWASBI is a one-man show about a young gay man in New York City who is a self-proclaimed singer/songwriter/dancer/actor and is trying to make it in the business despite his father telling him that he has to get a good job and get married. 

Nick Cearley portrays the protagonist effortlessly and hits his mark on each emotional peak throughout the script.  He never loses energy, or the audience’s attention, from one song to another.  He has more charisma in his pinky than most performers do in their entire bodies and he’s always been entertaining to watch. 

Though we only the protagonist go as far as winning a spot in his office’s (NBC) talent show, the audience is no doubt left rooting for him and wondering where his life will take him next. 

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