Brain dump ahead.

I really hate cleaning my apartment. My apartment is all of 475 square feet, and it doesn’t take very long to clean at all (half-hour?). But I hate doing it. 

But the time has come where I feel like I must be regular about this whole cleaning thing. For myself, and for Playbill. I am insanely paranoid that she’s going to get worms again, or something worse, because I’m not a diligent enough cleaning lady. I changed that today.

Yesterday, after J and I had dinner and he left to watch the final NBA game, I hunkered down and spent some time cleaning my apartment. I swept, I Swiffered, I used 100 little antibacterial wipes. I dusted every shelf and surface. My TV. Under things. The bathroom. The stovetop. Cleaned the kitchen counter tops. Desktops. Dresser tops. 

I cleaned it all and I hope it’s good enough. I’m going to start putting reminders on my calendar to clean once a weekend. Wish me luck.


KonMari Method

So, like I mentioned the other day, I was reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I just finished it yesterday. I loved it. It was amazing. I spent a lot of last Friday evening going through my bureau and got rid of two bags worth of stuff and re-folded everything.

Marie says you have to be able to see everything when you open a drawer so piling stacks on top of each other just doesn’t work (because you can’t see things) so she suggests folding so you can stand items up next to each other. To my astonishment, it worked. I even have an extra drawer now! I’m working on my wardrobes and walk-in closet whenever I have time this weekend.

Above are three of those drawers. I didn’t think you had to see my sock drawer and the drawer where my tights are. I also used the “does this bring me joy?” method of discarding for my bookcases and I was able to re-arrange and clear out an entire bookcase (anyone want a bookcase?). 

Thank you to my clothes and books for bringing me joy whenever they did. Now it’s time for you to bring job to someone else when I donate you.