Better Than Black Friday: Don’t Miss Cat Friday at the ASPCA Adoption Center!


Friday would be a great day to take home a friend!

How cute is this cat? I would highly advise everyone to go adopt a cat tomorrow from the ASPCA. There’s no adoption fee… what could be better?! It’s just another thing to be thankful for if you save a cat, right? Right! It’s probably the best way to spend Black Friday, other than being curled up at home and ignoring the insanity at your local Walmart. 

Better Than Black Friday: Don’t Miss Cat Friday at the ASPCA Adoption Center!


It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, So The ASPCA Is Waiving Black Cat Adoption Fees

Go to the ASPCA today and adopt yourself a beautiful black cat today for no fee! 

The ASPCA in NYC is located at 424 East 92nd Street, 1st Floor. 

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, So The ASPCA Is Waiving Black Cat Adoption Fees

Kitten Sitting & What I Learned

What did I learn while kitten sitting this weekend? Kittens are a lot of work. Not a lot of work like a puppy-amount-of-work (because you don’t have to walk them and they’re smarter than dogs and a bit more independent), but they’re kind of crazy. They run and jump on everything, and when you’re not looking they show up behind your feet and you could step on them (but you don’t because they’ll yell at you first). Or they could run under a mat on the floor (see above – I think that’s her best bitch, please face) and it just kind of looks like it’s a bump in the mat, until you realize: oh, it’s a kitten

I wondered if Miko the Kitten wasn’t eating because she would never eat when I’d put her food out, but then a friend said, “No! It’s not food time when you’re there, it’s play time!” Oh, yeah. Duh. I also realized that her food was always gone when I got back again so it’s not like she wasn’t eat at all.

Kittens are also very talkative. Miko talked… a lot. I’m not sure I could handle a pet who mewed so much. It’s adorable, but I’m not a heavy sleeper, so I’d probably get woken up by the slightest mew. I also spent moments here and there trying to remember whether or not I had re-closed the bathroom door (I always did) or if she had fallen into the toilet. I don’t think she’s small enough to drown in the toilet, but still…. That wouldn’t be fun to come home to.

But… BUT… despite the mewing and the crazy energy, they are so, so cute. She was 4lbs of furry adorableness that I had a great time playing with her. I’m going to check out some kittens at the ASPCA when I get back from Scandinavia, but I think I’ll look at ones that are 6 months to a year old, and not four months old. Because the older they are, the less likely they will be to drown in the toilet. 

Summer Furidays

A friend of one of my colleague’s works at the ASPCA and asked her if we’d like them to bring around a handful of kittens as part of their “Summer Furidays” initiative. We jumped, duh. They brought by 3 tuxedo kittens and one completely black kitten. The summer is apparently kitten season and their facilities are inundated with kittens. They’ve dropped the adoption fee to $50 (down from $150) to try to encourage people to adopt. 

It was quite possibly the best way to end your work week. 

I fell in love with this little black one named Emmett. He was calmest of all of them until he realized he was missing out on the fun of chasing a laser pointer around and then he scrambled. I emailed the ASPCA rep today and unfortunately he was just adopted today. Sad face. But I’m going to go by their facility on the UES soon and adopt one (after my kitchen renovation is done, obviously). 

Check out the ASPCA’s website if you’d like them to bring in kittens to your office! Trust me, it’s the best hour you’ll ever have in your office.