New York Times’ Turkey Chili

Last Saturday, after yoga, I went to Trader Joe’s and then headed home and immediately began to make turkey chili, for the first time. For some reason I’d always thought that chili seemed like a lot of work, but that night I just said fuck it and hunkered down with Netflix and made it.

As the weather is getting colder (kind of, sort of, sometimes), I turned to my book on Ayurveda and knew I had to change my diet, somewhat. When the weather gets colder, it’s recommended that you eat warmer foods that are easier to digest since your system slows down (we haven’t really evolved completely past the days of hibernating cave men). So that meant no more cold yogurts and salads for me and many more soups and stews.

After chopping up an insane amount of vegetables, I sautéed them, added some broth and tomatoes, let it simmer, and then it was done. Seriously, it was so easy. My life will never be the same again – neither will my diet. In the recipe it was served with sour cream and cheese, but to be honest, I don’t really like sour cream on my chili. It makes it very watery. Ew.

This recipe is so easy and it makes, like, at least a half-dozen servings. Cook it, seriously


I went to an Introduction to Ayurveda lecture on Sunday and the doctor who was speaking read our pulses after. Apparently my Vata dosha is out of balance so I’ve been researching ways to balance it. 

One of those is to have a regular schedule: get up at 6am and go to bed by 10:30pm. So, I’ve been trying to do that. I usually get up at 7am so the one hour switch I thought would be awful, but it actually hasn’t been. At all. I like the extra hour. My building also just opened a small gym in our basement so I’ll go run for 20-30 minutes in the morning (sometimes, but ya know, running sucks and all so maybe not)

So what have I been doing with my extra hour? Oil pulling, stretching, sit-ups (I’ve just signed up to do a 6-week ab challenge, so you know, that’s fun), some sun salutations. Basically just waking up more fully. 

Even if you think Ayurveda is silly and you don’t know if your Vata dosha is out of balance, give waking up an hour early a try. It’s fun (I promise).

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