U.S. Energy Department balks at Trump request for names on climate change

I think it’s a real stretch to compare Trump to Hitler. I don’t think Trump hates any one group of people enough to exterminate them. Even the Muslims and the Mexicans. I think he’s a narcissistic pathologically-lying businessman who’s gotten in over his head. I am, however, questioning the people he’s appointing to his cabinet. 

And doing things like this. I don’t think it’s really him, per se, but the people in his transition team. Hence the questions. You know what moves like this one is reminiscent of? World War II. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, they gathered all of the university professors (and doctors, and lawyers, etc) and publicly executed them, or sent them to concentration camps to die. Their goal was to get rid of the Intelligentsia of Poland. 

The courtyard at Jagiellonian University in Krakow where the intelligentsia where rounded up before being executed. 

I feel like what’s happening in the energy department is akin to that. They are trying to find out who opposes them and who needs to be gotten rid of (fired, not executed this time) when the regime takes powers. 

And that’s some scary shit. 

U.S. Energy Department balks at Trump request for names on climate change


Election Night ‘12

During my first election, I remember sitting with my 7 (seven!) freshmen year roommates in the living room of our Union Square dorm watching the results flow in and getting increasingly depressed. During the 2008 election, I spent it at a party at GenArt in Hell’s Kitchen.

This year, I chose to spend it at CNN’s Times Square set-up for a half-hour, and then ‘Democracy Plaza’ in Rockefeller Center for MSNBC for another half-hour, before deciding to stick with my plans to go see the Morning Joe crew have a sort of roundtable-open forum discussion at the Upper East Side 92nd Street Y (even after a friend was too depressed at the thought of a possible Romney administration to come).

I’ve woken up to Morning Joe every morning before work for the last couple of years and I always appreciate watching it. I also appreciate that Joe Scarborough is a fair Republican. Tonight Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, along with Mike Barnicle, Mark McKinnon, Joe Meacham, and Steven Rattner, had a kind of roundtable/open forum with 300 of their closest Manhattan neighbors. It was a great time, and I think the five Republicans that came out had fun. I caught Mika on her way out and snapped this photo. I think she’s awesome, full of attitude, and obviously my favorite on the show. 

I voted for Obama this morning (duh, please) after only a 45 minute wait at my polling place and then went to work, nervous for tonight. Tonight is close, and Florida is a clusterfuck right now, but so far it’s been a sweeping victory for vaginas and people who are anti-rape every way. If you’re a woman and voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket, I will say plainly that I question what is going on in your head (and I presume that “what” in your head is a “whole lot of nothing”). 

And now, with Ohio being declared in Obama’s favor, Obama has officially won the election.

Good day, Mittens. Have a safe trip back to whichever mansion you’re currently living in, and please fade into the obscurity you deserve.