Friday Night Lights

Last Friday, J and I went to Citifield to see the Mets vs. the San Francisco Giants who were in town for a few games. Our seats were awesome, but it was rainy and cold. We were under an overhang, but it was still freezing.

Sometime during the 3rd inning, the Giants forgot they were playing a game and the Mets remembered how to play baseball and they scored 12 runs. In a single inning. The Giants managed to score one run in a later inning, but that was about it.

I’ve never left a baseball game early but we left after the 7th inning since it was freezing anyways. 

You know, I’ve never seen the Giants play a game at Citifield and lose, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Such a bummer. They finally broke out Bumgarner for their last game on Sunday and beat the Mets 6-1. 

Win some, lose some, I guess. 


I have been wearing orange and black for the past 2 or so weeks nonstop as the San Francisco Giants played in the playoffs and then the World Series. I made an instant friend at the new job (he loves theatre AND the Giants) and we held each other’s proverbial hand through this series. Crying (inside) together (via text) as they lost 10-0 in the second to last game, being excited as fuck when they won the game before that 11-4, and last night the Giants finally won the World Series – for the third time in five years! We’ll both be sporting orange and black today in the office. (My supervisor, who is from Missouri, most likely won’t!)

The photo above was sent to me by my friend Ryan who I met at the bar Finnerty’s in the East Village last year watching one of the games. He’s from San Francisco and just happened to be going to Kansas City for work yesterday and he got into the game. No idea what he paid, but he was an outsider there to say the least.

While the Series was fun, I’m glad to have my evenings back for a year now. Other sports? What other sports? Come on. 

The San Francisco Giants were in town this weekend (through tomorrow afternoon!) playing the Mets so that meant I spent some time down at Finnerty’s in the East Village. 

Kristen obliged my request on Friday after we had coffee (Ground Central) and dinner (Dig Inn) and we went down to watch the game and watch some frat boys get thrown out after trying to start a “Giants suck! Giants suck!” chant. They won. Woot! 

On Saturday I went to the game with my family at Citifield and they lost – I was very sad. 

And today, Sunday, I put on my last clean orange shirt and made my way back to Finnerty’s to watch the game. They massacred the Mets, 8-0. It almost made up for last night’s loss. 

Next to me were sitting two Mets fans. I believe my first question to them was you couldn’t find a Mets bar to watch the game in? and they said they just wanted to watch the game somewhere where people would care about what was going on because there really are no “Mets bars” in the city. I kept telling them in the bottom of the 9th, “There’s still a chance that they can really even this thing up!” And despite my giving them a hard time, the one sitting closest to me asked for my number (and I MISTAKENLY gave him my mother’s number – it’s one digit different. OMG I was mortified. He’s laughed it off and we’re getting a drink later this week. Keeper?). 

One last game tomorrow. Go Giants!

Sometimes awesome stuff happens.

Like when my friend texted me at 6pm last night and asked if I was free because he had an extra ticket in one of the suites at Yankee Stadium. He knows I am repulsed by the Yankees beyond words, and they’re weren’t playing a team I’d actually root for instead (Texas Rangers). But once he says there’s free food involved and air conditioning, I turned my computer off and peaced out of the office. 

Side note: I stopped at home first to change into my team’s shirt (San Francisco Giants – I don’t care if they weren’t play in the stadium, they were playing somewhere that night!) and then headed up. I took a B uptown to my apartment but 15 minutes later, there were no more B trains to be found. This has happened to me more than once. So I took the C to 145th and then cabbed it over to the stadium (I directed the driver via Apple Maps on my phone – seriously, what cab driver in Manhattan doesn’t know how to get to Yankee Stadium??). 

The Yankees were up, then the Rangers were up and stayed up. I gorged on salad, roasted brussel sprouts, shrimp, brocoli rabe, and a couple slices of steak, with chocolate mousse for dessert. 

We were also watching the scores that were on the board from the other games being played that night and man, Boston massacred Toronto (14-1) and the Giants beat (I forget who) 7-4. 

My friend took the above photo right after Derek Jeter was struck out (after my friend emphasized how super-duper-awesomesauce he was). I also got to catch up with my friend, who I don’t see nearly as often as we’d both like. 

My team won, the Red Sox won, the Yankees lost, and I ate on the Yankees’ dime. It was a good night.

San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy Viewing, Pt. 2

I went to see the San Francisco Giants World Series trophy two years ago when they won in 2010 at Finnerty’s in the East Village. Today I went back [to Finnerty’s] with my parents to see their newest trophy after their 2012 win. The line was long, the fans were crazy, and there was lots of orange and black. 

The hat I’m wearing in this photo is about twenty years old. I recently found it on a shelf in my brother’s room. I reclaimed it because I got it when I was probably six or seven. (Also: my brother is a Mets fan, so he probably didn’t notice or care.)

So this is the result of today’s line waiting (it’s my dad and I, my parents took another one after sans me). Go Giants!

Let’s go, Giants.

My dad’s favorite team since he was 8 has been the San Francisco Giants, so this is obviously the team that I was raised to like (when I could muster up the energy to care about sports). When I was growing up I went to see them every year play the Mets, and I visited AT&T Park when I was in San Francisco a few years ago.

This boa was actually purchased in Amsterdam, when the Netherland’s football team was in the finals for the Eurocup in 2008. Yup, it made it through customs on the way back and everything.

Tonight’s the fourth game, and they’ve won the previous three, so if they win tonight, the World Series is over! Fingers crossed! 

David Wright (of the NY Mets) and myself tonight at Bloomingdales at the launch of the new Victorinox line.  I went to get an autograph for my dad and brother, but when I got there, I found out he would only sign a baseball that they were giving to people who brought $100+ of Victorinox merchandise.  HAH.  I would’ve more gladly have donated $100 to Wrights’ favorite charity.  Well, after he came back from his “break,” I asked if I could get a picture with him and they said yes, so I grabbed a Victorinox brochure, went up to get a picture, and asked if he’d sign the brochure, too, which he did.  I snuck out after that, not having been seen.  Believe it or not, before tonight, I had NO idea what he looked like but he’s VERY cute… and he seemed like a nice guy.  Go Mets!