Any Excuse to Color

When I found out they were making “adult” coloring books, I jumped on the chance to have my friends over last Saturday night so we could color like the goddamn adults we are. 

Now unlike lots of the therapy coloring books are claiming, I don’t really find coloring calming or therapeutic. Most of the coloring books have so much damn detail so one page takes a century to finish – and that’s stressful. 

Anyways, ten friends, some wine and beer, snacks, and some profanity-laden coloring books and a good night was had by all. I think the last person left around 1am. 

When I see photos of elaborate celebrations for who-knows-how-much, I always think to myself: all you really need is a good group of friends, snacks, and a few bottles of wine and beer for a successful night out (or in).

And some coloring books. That never hurts either. 


Sunday in the Hall with Meatballs

On Sunday, my dude and I went with a couple of our friends to Houston Hall in SoHo (the edge of SoHo? i don’t know) for Time Out New York’s Meatball and Beer Chowdown. I’d seen an advertisement for it in the magazine and thought, “beer and meatballs? Sounds awesome!” And it was.

We each got two free beers with our ticket and as many mini-meatballs as we could eat. I was a little sad that there were only four restaurants competing, but what can you do? The Ainsworth ended up winning and rightly so. They were meatballs with a bit of Asian flare and they were delicious.

After a while, we moved next door to The Brooklyneer for another pint and some nachos before I had to say goodbye to walk over to NYTW to see Lazarus (review to come). 

For $35, this was a good time for sure. 

Staying Clean

I think my stomach is still trying to work through the crap that I put in my body on Sunday (1 liter of beer + pizza) and Monday (I was forced [not really] to try a Chik-fil-A sandwich). 

I feel bloated and gross, and even though I went to an ass kicking yoga class tonight I’m not really all that hungry. 

I tried to clean it up today: I had Trader Joe’s pumpkin O’s with skim milk for breakfast today, kale salad + chicken + about 4 tortilla chips + ½ cup guacamole + charred cauliflower for lunch, and an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter for a snack. I’m deciding to have Ezekiel toast with ¼ avocado + lemon juice + pepper flakes for dinner.

Fuck it. I’m just doing the elliptical tomorrow morning.

Yesterday evening after work I met Ben for a beer at Dive 75 on West 75th Street. They have assorted board games and when I saw Connect 4, I pulled it out and proceeded to beat Ben about 20 times (he won a few too).

Fittingly it was the 17th anniversary since a car accident that I was in when I was 11 (almost 12) in 1997. I wrote about it once on here in 2009, but the tl:dr version: I was in a car accident in California, I suffered a traumatic brain injury (insert joke here), and I was in a coma for two weeks before waking up and needing two months of rehab to re-learn how to do everything again.

I graduated from elementary school that year with honors in math. Take that, TBI.

ANYWAYS. While i was in the hospital, I played a LOT of Connect 4 with my occupational therapist and basically anyone who would humor me (which was almost everyone). I got really, really good at it. Well, after last night, I’m pretty sure I still got it. It’s all a game of strategy. 

The only thing that makes Connect 4 more interesting now? Beer.

Yesterday I had some friends over, like I did on my birthday. Except we utilized my roof this time. It was really sunny and hot, then the sun went down and it was perfect. We had Shocktop, Goose Island, UFO, Coors Light, Brooklyn Lager, white wine, red wine, tequila, rum, seltzer, and lots of food. The fourteen or so of us managed to somehow drink all of the beer. 

There was lots of food, too, including prosciutto wrapped figs by Kristen and pesto crostinis made by me. I also bought cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes. I totally forgot about them for a few hours and then ran downstairs to get them when everyone asked why I was holding out on them. 

After it was late, we re-located to my apartment and at 12:30am the last person left.

Also: almost everyone wore black. Because this is New York.