I spent the last week plowing through Gone Girl and this morning I woke up early enough to catch a pre-noon and thus half-off screening of the movie adaptation. I’d heard they’d changed the ending and I’d heard there was a steamy oral sex scene that “pushes the boundaries” more so than usual.

Spoiler alert: Neither of these things were true.

I liked the movie. It was incredibly creepy. NPH pulled off Creepy Straight Dude incredibly well. Rosamund Pike was fantastically convincing, creepy, and infuriating as Amy. Ben Affleck was eh as Nick. (I might be biased though as I think he’s pretty eh in everything.) 

The movie translated very well to screen. The only difference in the ending was that a trashy talk show host came to their home to do a follow-up interview, where they announced they were expecting. I was hoping for some kind of revenge to take place on Nick’s behalf.

And that boundary-pushing oral sex scene? I must’ve missed it because I didn’t see anything boundary-pushing. I saw his head between her legs and she moaned and that was it. That was IT. But you know, this is America – I guess that is scandalous.

So, besides these couple of issues, I really enjoyed the movie. It was just as creepy and infuriating as the book. If you liked the book, I’d say the movie is worth watching too.