Let’s start from the beginning… I attended the Q&A last night and this time I filmed the whole thing.  Above is part one of the moderated questions, here’s part two, three, and four.  

And here is parts one, two, and three of the audience questions.  It was quite entertaining tonight – a lot of lame questions, but a couple of really, really good ones too.  Enjoy!

So, at the last minute, it was announced that Alysha Umphress was going to be a guest on Seth’s Chatterbox and about three hours before show time, it was announced that some of her co-stars would be joining her.  Tickets were listed on PlayByPlay, so I grabbed one, happy that I wouldn’t have to worry about the $25 cover charge (only the 2-drink-minimum).  I’ve only been to Seth’s Chatterbox once before and it was back in 2006 when Will Chase, et al were there during the brief run of Lennon.  I really dislike Don’t Tell Mama’s as a venue, but I stayed positive despite the over priced cherry Coke I was drinking.

Alysha Umphress was joined by her co-stars Christina Sajour, Rebecca Naomi Jones, and Ben Thompson, as well as Seth Rudetsky, of course.  They discussed their most embarrassing audition horror stories (video coming!), what colleges they went to; Alysha told the story of Michael Mayer calling her at 1pm two Friday’s ago to comes fill in for Anika Noni Rose in On a Clear Day at Vassar, and how she went on at 8pm that night; they talked about the workshops of American Idiot and meeting Green Day for the first time.  Seth gave props for Prop 8 being repealed and congratulated Ben on his marriage.  

I’m sure I’m leaving out parts (of course I am), but overall it was a really enjoyable time and I’m really glad I went.  Two sodas only (!) ended up costing me $10.75 (wtf!).  

*Best part of the exchange last night: Seth asked, “So why do you have to get to the theatre so early?  Do you do prayer circle before hand?” They told him no, no, they do warm ups, and one of them goes, “No prayer time, we do FUCK TIME!” and Seth looks at them and says, “Excuse me?

I apologize for the crap-quality of my photos.  I guess while I’ve been trying to master my Canon D20, I’ve forgotten how to use my Powershot.