thowback thursday

When The Newsroom was filming it’s last season (RIP, sadface), I went and watched them filming one tiny segment outside the ACN (aka the BOA building on 42nd and 6th) building one night. This is the part after Charlie has a heart attack and is being rush to the hospital (obviously). They shot this take so many times. I know that’s how they film in TV and movies, but still… it’s mind boggling.

In between takes I was tempted to run across the street and hug Thomas Sadoski and Olivia Munn. 

But I did not. 


Just Another Saturday

This weekend was pretty great. Involved a lot of yoga, a lot of walking, and some good friends. 

I went to my usual 9:15am grueling vinyasa class on Saturday morning, ran a few errands after, and confirmed with my two good guy friends that we were grabbing coffee downtown and walking up to Central Park because it was just that nice out. They both agreed and we wound up at Yaffa Cafe in Alphabet City; a place we’d been together almost exactly a year prior (except there was lots of wine involved that day). Michael brought his DSLR and was snapping shots in a paparazzi-esque way the entire day. This shot happened at brunch:

We brunched out and then made a pit stop at Butterlane from cupcakes and coffee (that’s what everyone does after brunch, right?) and walked over to Academy Records on 12th so they could record shop (as I do not own a turntable). We eventually made the extremely smart decision to go to the DSW in Union Square (nope, it would never, ever be packed!) so the guys could shop for shoes. I hate shopping but somehow I was the only one to walk away with shoes (gold/brown strappy sandals).

Shopping worked up appetites again so we walked over to Doughnut Plant on 23rd and his mind (and tastebuds) was blown.

We continued walking, going into various music and shoe stores as we passed them. We also saw graffiti which I was instructed to pose in front of since I was wearing a pink leather coat.

Somehow we were convinced to duck inside Macy’s and check out their men’s shoes. God, I hate that store. It really is the seventh circle of hell. We were treated to espresso at Culture Espresso after though. It totally made up for the venture into hell.

We finished our coffee and ended the afternoon in Bryant Park (also lovely). Eventually the blues happened (see the photo below) and it was time to go home. Walking from Alphabet City to midtown West can really make a person exhausted. 

But I couldn’t have had more fun doing it.

“Where We Belong,” by Emily Giffin

I’m only up to chapter 4, but it’s incredibly compelling so far. Emily Giffin hit the Bryant Park Reading Series this afternoon with Katie Lee to talk about her newest book, Where We Belong.  She seemed like an incredibly down-to-earth person as she talked about being a writer, the book, what she did before she was a writer (“I was a lawyer in the MetLife building so I’d often come here [to Bryant Park] to escape my day.”), and took questions from the audience. 

To be honest, although she’s my favorite chick-lit writer, I’d never been dying to meet her (unlike how I was just dying to meet, say, Adam Rapp). I didn’t have anything against meeting her but it just wasn’t high on my list of Things To Do. I loved her books, and that was enough for me. But I had time today so why not, right?

After 45 minutes of talk-back, a line formed and Giffin signed books and took photos with fans. I decided at the last minute to get a picture with her.  One man brought all of her past books for her to sign, heh. Why didn’t I think to do that?! Just kidding. We took a picture together, she signed my book, and she told me she liked my iPhone case (it’s a black and white photo of John Lennon – major points for her in my mind!), and that was that.

I’ll let you know what I think of the book once I finish it!