Why Dry January is the Worst – Everup

I thought about doing a Dry January, but then we were at The Wayfarer and had a couple of cocktails, and then Angus, where I consumed one beer, and I decided against it.

I don’t drink often and when I do drink, I’ll have two – maybe three – beers, at most. I have zero tolerance. Unless, of course, I’m in my apartment having a birthday party and people are bringing wine over – then all bets are off (that happens when your bed is within 20 feet of where ever you might be standing). But that doesn’t happen very often. (I also like to eat my calories rather than drink them.) 

I have no idea whether the concept of Dry January is actually offensive to people who are for-real sober, 24/7. It’s an interesting idea and one that I’ve never heard discussed before. 

Instead of giving up the occasional beer, I’ll stick to having it… while going to the gym, doing yoga, and eating vegetables. It sounds like a good compromise. 

Why Dry January is the Worst – Everup

Food Stuffs

I lost about 40 pounds around 4 years ago. I started limiting my calorie intake and being much more active. I also started using MyFitnessPal, which is a rockstar app that you should definitely downtown if you’re trying to be healthy. You can insert your height, weight, weight loss goal per week, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

I’ve apparently had mine set on a “nonactive” lifestyle and wanting to lose 2 pounds per week for a while now which was telling me to eat about 1,240 calories.  

As a result, I’ve been starving all winter. Like, legit starving. I spoke to one of my best friends the other day who works in the medical field and when I asked her if I was eating enough she gasped and said absolutely now.

I changed my settings on MyFitnessPal to an active lifestyle and I only set it to 1 pound a week. My new calorie goal? 1,840. I’ve been much less hungry over the last few days. 

There was no point to this. I just wanted to put it out there incase anyone else finds themselves hungry this winter. Check your app settings 😉

I had two intense workouts last weekend.

On Saturday morning I went to my favorite 9am intermediate level vinyasa class with one of my favorite teachers. It was killer. She’s a killer. But I love it, and her. According to my Polar (above), I burned almost 500 calories. Whoa.

I woke up on Sunday with an ass that was so sore (from yoga the day before, perverts) that it was painful to sit. But with the weather being so lovely, I decided to run outside for the first time since right before the new year. I did a little over 5k and it was good. I was running way too fast – according to my time on the treadmill that I’ve been using, I’ve been running 11 minute miles (but treadmills suck, so screw it). I need to slow it down and see if I can run around the entire park once. I don’t want to do it and allow myself to stop – I feel like that’s cheating and not really running, stopping and going, that is.

Still being sore on Monday, I decided to skip my advanced yoga class and work late instead and tonight I decided to cook instead. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll make it back to my second-favorite yoga class.