a true Chanukah miracle

Tonight I met my friend Ben at the Edison Cafe for what may be the last-ever Chanukah spent at the Edison Cafe. We got in, sat at our usual seats at the bar, and ordered two bowls of matzo ball soup (duh) and latkes (duh). 

Our server made a face and said, “OOOOH. We might be out of latkes, hold on.” I may have made us leave if they were out, but…


We got the LAST order of latkes in the Edison Cafe. They were out of potatoes after that.

Happy Chanukah, indeed. 


All I want for Chrismakkah is you:

Just so everyone (including my parents) knows:

My aunt has already let me know that she got a me a chefs knife, a sifter, and frosting knife for channukah, haha.  Really though, I could buy any of this myself.  Once you have a job and a salary, Christmas really loses it’s awesomeness, gift-wise.  I need to go start making my lists of what I’m getting other people this year!