Marie and Rosetta // Atlantic Theatre Company, 9.30.16

Last weekend my friend invited me to Atlantic Theatre Company’s main stage in Chelsea to see Marie and Rosetta. It was about Rosetta Tharpe, a guitar playing musician who brought some swing into gospel music, and when she auditioned Marie Knight, a young singer she saw performing in a church. I was interested mainly because Rebecca Naomi Jones was playing Marie, but I also knew the vocal tour de force Kecia Lewis as Rosetta would not disappoint.

The set was a simple funeral parlor, because black singers in that part of the south weren’t really welcome and they took what accommodations they could get. Through out the 90 minutes, the two performers continually get more comfortable with one another and practice different arrangements of Rosetta’s music. Once Marie sheds her church-girl facade, the two performers sync up and the music flows naturally.

I really loved seeing Jones perform again, having not seen her onstage since Hedwig and the Angry Inch. She’s just such a natural talent. I really enjoyed Kecia Jones, too, with her booming voice. The two were a badass duo.

Marie and Rosetta is playing through October 16th and totally worth seeing, even if you don’t know their music. 


Yoga216’s Flash Meditation Mob

I get a daily email from Well+Good about new health trends in the city, yoga classes, meditation stuff, etc. Today this popped up in the email and my reaction was, “OH MY GOODNESS.” So I shelved my yoga class and headed down to what’s called the Fishbowl at the High Line, located at 17th and 10th Avenue. I met a handful of people who work at Yoga216 (a tiny little yoga studio on 20th and 10th) and just before 7:30, we all made our way down to the front of the Fishbowl, took our favorite positions, and meditated for what ended up being 20 minutes. 

It was awesome, and so different! After we went back to Yoga216 and had some complimentary juice and toured the space. It’s a really adorable and zen space, though I think unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range. Classes are $39 each and they have good reason – there’s only six people per class, so it’s almost like a private session, but nevertheless, I don’t think I could ever make it even a semi-regular habit. But check out their Facebook page if you have a minute.

And if you ever get a chance to meditate on the High Line – I highly suggest it. The noise of the city magically disappears when you tune in.