A week ago I caught a performance of the new musical Chaplin. A musical about a silent film star? You don’t say… 

I knew nothing about Charlie Chaplin’s life but I loved learning about it (now I’m wondering how historically accurate it is, but I digress!). The choreography was lovely, the music melodic, and the cast (featuring Rob McClure in the title role – I smell a TONY nod, as well as seasoned theatre veteran Christiane Noll as his mother) was spirited and entertaining. 

Well, I’d heard good and bad things about it, probably more bad. But lo and behold, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall it was probably thirty minutes too long, but it was still enjoyable. The producers announced last week that they were extending into June, much to everyone’s surprise, so if you’re a film person, or a history person, or just looking to have a good time, Chaplin might be the show for you.