Post-Holiday Hangover

Happy post-holiday hangover! The holidays were pretty easy this year. My parents hosted Christmas Eve so I didn’t have to move much. My mom’s side of the family (my dad’s side doesn’t come because they live in Maine and they’re Jewish, duh) is SO LOUD. I had to retreat to my room at one point to meditate and decompress because it was so goddamn loud. I had a lot of fun playing with my parent’s kitten, though. She’s so energetic! 


Though my mom might be Catholic, we still pretty much celebrate Christmas like Jews. We have the morning presents and relaxing and then go to the movies and out to eat Chinese food. We ended up seeing La La Land which was So So Painfully Bad. Apologies to Pasek and Paul, but the music wasn’t memorable and the storyline, though not their fault, was horrifically cliche. The opening number really had nothing to do with anything and was so terribly awkward I wanted to shrink down in my seat and die.

I traveled back to the city with my mom on Monday and J and I met my friend Elliot and his girlfriend to see the [random] matinee of The Encounter, which was again a wonderful experience and all enjoyed it. Today I am getting back to yoga at my studio and trying to finish up a quick book. I’m allowing myself to eat and drink whatever I want this week, within reason, until New Year’s Day. Because… new year, new start? Then I’m reigning it in. Back to not drinking more than one day a week and cooking. 

And I’ll be entering lots of ticket lotteries this week with my partner in crime, @endotique. Who never posts on Tumblr anymore and really should, right guys? 

Here’s to a week of freedom before new beginnings. 


The Reason Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas Is Rooted In Solidarity

Happy almost-Christmas. In case you ever wondered why your Jewish friends always eat Chinese food on Christmas, the explanation is actually pretty interesting! My family always goes to see a movie and then eat Chinese on Christmas, since my dad is Jewish, and my brother and I are both half-breeds. We always thought it was because it was the only restaurant open in town (and in suburban Long Island, that’s pretty much true) but here’s the real explanation.

The Reason Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas Is Rooted In Solidarity

A Little Story About “Joy”


I saw this trailer and thought I wanted to see it because Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and she looked like she was playing a badass. I mentioned to my mother that we should see this on Christmas and she said, “Oh yes! We’ve met Joy several times. She’s the one who gave dad your guitar!”

Remember this guitar? The one that Billie Joe Armstrong signed all those years ago? I knew it had been a freebie that my dad had been given, but I had no idea by whom. Turns out Joy Mangano rented warehouse space from the company that my parents have worked at for decades. She also apparently lives in a massive estate two towns over from us. 

Back to the movie: I liked it. It left out things like the fact that she went to my alma matter: Pace. And they cut out one of her children. D’oh. The movie starts when she’s a child and building things and then fast fowards to her meeting her husband, having more kids than she should have, and working at an airport. So much for those dreams. After getting her hands cut up on some glass while mopping up wine, she invents the Miracle Mop and we go from there.

I liked the movie a lot. Mangano was a badass who handled mafia men without blinking. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job, too, as did Bradley Cooper for the most part. Despite how the previews make this look like a Silver Linings Playbook Part 2, it’s very much not at all. 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to see Nutcracker Rouge again. The fantastic Company XIV was bringing their fantastic burlesque version of the classic back to their own space this year. I am happy to say that this is now one of my holiday traditions. 

I brought my friend who is a fan of burlesque and we both sat back and watched as a very saucy spin was put on a very well known children’s tale. The cast was back in full force: perfect choreography, lovely singing.

Extra thanks to the table of gentlemen sitting next to us who gave us their extra bottle of champagne at intermission (I think they assumed we were on a date, but we were not). The only thing that could make Nutcracker Rouge more fun is a bottle of bubbly.

Take everyone you know this year or next year to see this. It’s so. much. fun.  

I hope everyone’s post-Christmas days have been just as equally as fun as the “big” day itself. My parents drove me back into the city this afternoon, after which I unpacked and my dad re-hung my curtains. Afterward we grabbed dinner at Connolly’s Pub in midtown and saw the lights on Fifth Avenue and Rockafeller Center. Now I’m off for the next week and I’m stoked. I can only hope to see friends, do a lot of yoga, and catch up on seeing a few shows (please, PlayByPlay, rock my world this week!). My mom just told me the shipping confirm for my iPhone came, so I’ll be getting my iPhone on Friday. It’s going to be a great week!

I took this photo tonight at Rock Center (obviously) with new 50mm lens that I got yesterday from my parents. I have odd taste in photography, so I love it. Bokeh FTW!

All I want for Chrismakkah is you:

Just so everyone (including my parents) knows:

My aunt has already let me know that she got a me a chefs knife, a sifter, and frosting knife for channukah, haha.  Really though, I could buy any of this myself.  Once you have a job and a salary, Christmas really loses it’s awesomeness, gift-wise.  I need to go start making my lists of what I’m getting other people this year!