The Weekend Detox: 2 Days to Renew You | Wellbella

After a week of two dates (beer) and two work outings (food + alcohol), I decided to take the weekend to detox. I used the above plan and it was easy. I went to Digg Inn for lunch on Sunday and consume what is now my new favorite meal – grains on spinach with chopped vegetables. 

And tea? I could drink tea all day, every day. I may have fallen for the whole gluten-free craze though. I might try to limit my gluten consumption, because… why not? I don’t think it’s bad for you in moderation, but I think we eat too much of it (as it goes with many things in our gluttonous country). And I’ve discovered a lot of things I love don’t have any gluten in them at all: rice cakes, brown rice, quinoa, chicken, peanut butter, almond milk, Greek yogurt. Easy.

I just feel a little bit lighter now after my detox. I’ve also started insisting on coffee dates instead of bar dates. We’ll see how that goes.

The Weekend Detox: 2 Days to Renew You | Wellbella