An Afternoon Up the Hudson River

I’ve been tempted many times over the last year to go visit towns on the Hudson River thanks to Jordan of Ramshackle Glam.  She’s posted multiple times about her day trips to towns up the Hudson River and the towns always look so charming. This morning I took the train up to meet my friend Ben in his hometown and we drove up and down the Hudson River while visiting Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, and Cold Spring.

We visited Tarrytown first which basically is one main strip with views that are quite breathtaking.

We refueled at Coffee Labs (did you know that you’re not allowed to touch the espresso machines until you’ve worked there for two months?) where we ran into a friend of Ben’s before walking through the rest of main street.  The town is adorable, and beautiful, but not incredibly exciting.

Next we visited the huge grave yard in Sleepy Hollow where Washington Iriving is buried. I’ve wanted to visit Sleepy Hollow for a while now, mostly because I (embarrassingly) love the movie (yes, the one with Christina Ricci) so incredibly much. We also stood for a moment on the spot where the original Headless Horseman Bridge used to span. There are tours of the graveyard, but they’re on Friday and Saturday nights for the most part.

We headed up to Cold Spring for our final stop. Cold Spring was probably my favorite town of the day. The main street is charming, the food was great, and the number of antique stores were endless. I found a street sign from Fulton Street in the Financial District that I almost bought (because I lived on Fulton Street for 3 years), but I have no idea how or where I would’ve hung it!  On our way to lunch we passed through a yard sale where I picked up The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire for $1 each!

We ate lunch first at Cold Spring Depot. Ben said the fish and chips were fantastic, and my veggie burger was pretty fantastic as well. The live band was a little overwhelming at times but the occasional passing train was kind of cool.

We passed the “Young Republicans Club” on the north end of Main Street and we couldn’t help but take an ironic picture. We’re assholes, I suppose.  

Before heading back to Ben’s hometown to catch the Metro-North back to the city, we stopped at Go-Go-Pops where he grabbed coffee and I grabbed a Go-Go Pop which was pumpkin flavored and delicious!

Although I definitely don’t share the same enthusiasm as Jordan does of the towns up north, I totally enjoyed the day and the exploring that occurred.  Here’s one last shot of the Hudson River.