Hump Day.

Happy International Women’s Day! I wish we lived in a world where a “women’s day” wasn’t needed. Maybe some day. 

I need this backpack ASAP. Look at how much stuff you can pack in it! 

I’m getting a standing desk at work. I’m so excited.

Our CTO is gluten-free, so we’re going GF in the office this week in solidarity. And probably because we all (about half of the office) wanted to see if we could do it. Turns out: the only things I can’t eat that I usually eat at pretzels and graham crackers. At least this is what I’ve found thus far. I think I was suffering from the Gluten Flu (effects of gluten withdrawal) this morning but I drank a lot of green tea and water and powered through.

The dorm that I lived in for three years during college is being sold. I had one of the rooms that was basically a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and bathroom. Compared to your traditional college dorm, it was pretty nice. But it was also like living in a jail with all of the rules (restrictions on how many nights a guest could stay, having our IDs inspected every time we entered, they closed during the winter break, etc). 

I’m obsessed with this workout DVD. It’s the Barre Method and I’m only currently practicing the arms segment but it’s an ass-kicking. 

Lastly, I saw these shelves in a photo of an apartment on Curbed. Does anyone know where they’re from? 

I need these in my life, or more specifically, my living room. 


I found out that The Drama Book Shop was having some hard times when I saw a clip on Facebook from a local news channel. The short story: a pipe burst destroying much of their ceiling and a whole lot of inventory. Lin-Manuel Miranda posted a video about it on Twitter and patrons rushed into the store to help by spending money. Their sales are up 50% and they’re hoping their insurance kicks in sooner rather than later.

I spent many days during my college years (and even before that while I was in high school) wandering the shelves looking for plays for classes and to read on my own. I used to buy a few dozen plays there every summer, coming back once I had finished reading all my prior purchases. 

So, last Tuesday I wandered up 40th and 7th to pay homage to the store that was such a huge resource for me and I picked up a copy of Stephen Karam’s The Humans. I know I didn’t particularly fall head-over-heels in love with the show, but I think that’s because I probably missed a few subtleties. 

I wished the manager good luck with everything, said goodbye to the manager’s dog that sits on the counter, and was on my way.

If you’re in New York City, or are planning a visit soon, please stop by The Drama Book Shop and show your support. You can find out more information here

And it’s beginning to snow.

After an unsuccessful trip to the Pace University bookstore in the Financial District (they close at 4pm, wtf), I grabbed a drink some fried zucchini sticks at SoHo Park with an old co-worker (but first I raided the book closet and took those four books). It was so, so good to see her – as well as some of my other former colleagues that I ran into. She’s trying her damnedest to get out of the city ASAP and even though I’ll miss her like whoa, I know she’d be happier back in New England.

On Saturday morning, I went to my usual grueling vinyasa class and I’d like to say that my workout attire was called The Kim Davis, as it included as many clashing patterns and colors as possible. But damn was I warm. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, going back down to FiDi to purchase my sweatshirt, and cooking cauliflower fried rice for my dude and me. We watched the movie Unfriended on HBOGo and it was BAD. Don’t do it. Bad acting, bad direction, bad photography direction, bad story, just bad.

I met up for a pre-birthday (his!) brunch with Ben on Sunday afternoon at The Hamilton and we ended up being invited to try a bunch of dishes because they were being photographed. The owner, Mike, was bartending and he is Scottish and insanely cool. He also owns Caldeonia Bar on the UES. The Hamilton will become a regular neighborhood spot of mine for sure. It snowed unexpectedly on Sunday night and after some quality gym time, my dude convinced me (it didn’t take a lot of convincing, honestly) to watch some football at Amity Hall (Uptown) – also a really solid new neighborhood spot.

I tortured both him and myself by watching the Democractic debates – and I figured out how to use my HDMI converter cable which I finally purchased – on Sunday night. I know pretty much everything they already said. I’m 100% over politics. #feelthebern

More snow this weekend! So stoked.

Half-Assed Pride

Last October my alma matter, Pace University, was named the #1 most underrated college in America. My mind can’t wrap itself around whether or not that’s a good thing, but people are saying it is. So I guess that’s a good thing. Pace has always been know for his business school (and I think it’s nursing program), and in recent years, since it’s acquisition of The Actor’s Studio MFA program, their theatre program (from which I graduated with a business minor) is getting pretty great accolades lately too. What can I say, I loved seeing American Idiot there. 

To say I was an uninvolved college student is an understatement. I went to school to move to the city, 100%. I went to Eugene Lang College (part of the New School) for my freshmen year and realized that I was not ready for a degree that had no structure. Their base curriculum, at the time, was two required writing classes and then WHEEEE have fun getting your degree in whatever! I could totally do it now, but when I was 18, it was not for me, so I transferred to Pace whose admission I’d previous declined. 

But all I did was go to class, do my work, work on a handful of productions in the department a year, and then worked and interned in theatre completely separate from school. Did I join any clubs? Puh-lease. Go to any student events? Nope. I wanted to get in and get out. Looking back would I do it differently? Possibly. At the very least I would’ve been exposed to more than the whiny bitches of the musical theatre department, constantly complaining about their English minor work and having to pass their remedial math courses. 

My dude is pretty full of pride for his alma matter and constantly wears the school’s sweatshirt that I gave him over the holidays so I began to get a little jealous. I looked up their bookstore online and went down to the store yesterday after my yoga class and found the perfect sweatshirt. It’s soft on the inside and reminds me of my KALE t-shirt. And it wasn’t $80. 

Living in a neighborhood that’s a sea of Columbia apparel, it’ll be nice to at least show half-assed pride for my own alma matter.

Yoga Vs. The Others

I’ve gone to the occasional Pilates or barre class a couple of times a year. I took Pilates for a semester during my freshmen year of college, before I ever found yoga, and I felt, and looked, great.

It’s always really jarring to be in a Pilates or barre class now, after five-plus years of being a yogi. There’s no pranayama or intention-setting before, or “namaste” after. It’s always just “thanks for coming! See you next time!” And I’m always dumbstruck. “That’s it?” And there I am, left stranded on my mat, looking confused because as far I’m concerned, the class can’t possibly be over yet.

All three have tremendous health benefits. I might go to a barre class tonight, in fact, and I am now the proud owner of a barre DVD, but only yoga works on your mind, as well as your body.


Cops Arrest Dozens of Bros After Pumpkin Festival Devolves into Mayhem

I would like to hashtag this non-riot as #whitepeoplerioting. My brother goes to Keene and wasn’t involved in this at all (as who gives a fuck about protesting a pumpkin festival?), but if I’d been there, I would totally have been taking photos from the sidelines. But that’s me

But can we all just admit that this wasn’t really a riot? This is a party that got out of hand. In a tiny town, as the article states, where partying is a large activity on campus. When you add 10,000 other people and college students into the mix? I’m not sure what they expected to happen. 

Also: There were maybe 40 cops there, with paint balls as ammunition, not bullets. If Keene wasn’t blindingly white, somebody would’ve been shot (probably many somebodies) and things would’ve been a lot worse. They would’ve had actual bullets in their guns for starters. 

But they weren’t. I watched many videos of the “action” online today and it was just drunk bros in the street, knocking over the occasional street sign, and yelling. Oh, and some really douchey douches flipped over a car or two (and that sucks, yes, but sports fans have done the same thing in the past). And they lit some trash on fire. They didn’t light a house or a person on fire. 

I believe that this is just an example of what happens when you don’t teach your 18-year-old off-to-college offspring how to drink socially and not to excess. This is what happens when you demonize alcohol and then send your kid to a school that’s pretty into partying (that’s probably all schools, though) where there’s not a whole lot to do.

You end up with a White People “Riot” over pumpkins. 

Cops Arrest Dozens of Bros After Pumpkin Festival Devolves into Mayhem

“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.” – John Updike

Today marks exactly ten years since I first moved to New York City. I was a freshmen and moved into a gross but amazing four-bedroom dorm room with seven other girls on the corner of 16th street and Union Square West. It was a moment that I’d been waiting for for at least eight years. That day had finally come and I was oh-so-happy. Right as my parents were saying goodbye, a swat team descended upon Union Square because of a bomb threat that had been called in because of the Republican National Convention, which happened to be that weekend too. Thus began my residency in New York City.

Monthly Metrocards were $65 (!) at that time and one trip was $1.50. Williamsburg was just starting to kind of become East Village “Light” and filling with hipsters. Pinkberry wasn’t yet known, nor had it infiltrated St. Marks Place. You could still find a yoga class for $10. Rush tickets for actual broadway shows were $20 (not $45!).  Greenpoint was stilled filled with only Polish people and Astoria was just sort of on the rise as an acceptable place to live outside Manhattan. George W. Bush was about to be elected for a second time by a truly idiotic nation and American Idiot was soon to be released. I would totally miss seeing Green Day a block away at Irving Plaza.

Most people go to college to get an education and while that was on my list to, my main goal after high school was “move to New York City,” so that’s why I only applied to 5 schools and they were all in New York.

I don’t want to get too sentimental, so I’ll just say this: Being a New Yorker is one of the best things in the world (in my opinion). It was my dream and I am living the dream. Today I’ll be able to celebrate it drinking cocktails on a booze cruise for work around this island in two rivers. 

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. 

(Above is a photo from my scrapbook from freshmen year – those are three of my seven roommates.)

What I Did With My Holiday Weekend

I spent two days this holiday weekend helping out an old friend and manager and revisiting the job that I had for most of college: Broadway merchandise.

After venturing to suburban PA for a few days to see family friends and eat a lot, I had no huge plans and I knew I wasn’t planning on making any so why not make a little extra cash before the holidays?

I worked with another friend at Evita on Saturday night and during the day on Sunday and I was as good at it now as I was then. I can still convince people to buy things they don’t need or could definitely get cheaper elsewhere without much trouble at all.

I worked at a number of shows in college as you can see below (I plan on having a quilt made out of these… eventually):

(Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Die, Mommy, Die!, The Wedding Singer, Mamma Mia, Ring of Fire, Wicked, A Bronx Tale, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Drowsy Chaerone, The Seafarer, Curtains, The Lion King, Is He Dead?, The Country Girl, Macbeth, and Spamalot)

While taking this picture, I realized I had a ton of Spelling Bee and Lion King t-shirts. I have no idea why. Would I want this to be my full time gig again? No way. I like so much having my nights free (it also doesn’t pay THAT much).  Unlike a number of my friends, I’ve always loved having a day job.

But was it fun to revisit for a couple of days? Totally. And I also got to pick out, wear, and keep this awesome, kind of cheeky shirt (which, if I hadn’t taken it in the mirror would easily read – Star Quality):