Colt Coeur’s “Dry Land”

Over two years ago I saw Colt Coeur’sRecall” at The Wild Project downtown. It was interesting premise (kids who get “recalled” for bad behavior and such) and I had high hopes for “Dry Land,” by Ruby Rae Spiegel.

Unfortunately Dry Land had no point. I’m still not even sure what it was really about. It focused on two high school girls on a swim team, one is pregnant and needs not to be, then she accuses the other girl of being in love with her, and then the other girl gets recruited for college, and the originally accusatory girl is upset. Sound incoherent? It was.

The cast including Sarah Mezzanotte, Tina Ivlev, Alice Kremelberg, Matthew Stadelmann, and Jim Ireland all gave it their best shots to make sense of the script.

I don’t like to be unfairly harsh on shows, but I really have no idea why this play was staged. If you like avant garde though, this might be for you. 

Last week I was invited to the opening night of Colt Coeur’s production of the original work “Recall” down at The Wild Project’s eco-friendly space in Alphabet City. I had no idea what to expect and I hadn’t had any time during the day to read a blurb online so I was clueless. 

Recall is a timeless tale of history repeating itself. Taking place in a dingy apartment in Nowhere, USA, Recall was a dark story about a woman and her violent daughter who are on the run from yet another town. They’ve taken up residence with friend-of-a-friend who is a little off from the beginning. Each character has their own mental demons and various twist plots and betrayals lead to yet another death at the end. Recall refers to what happens to child when they’re taken out of school (recalled) and never heard from again after some questionable behavior. 

The cast, Katya Campbell, Owen Campbell, Jordyn DiNatale, Caleb Scott, and Colleen Werthman, all have a heavy task of portraying mentally disturbed characters who aren’t contrived and each succeed. My favorite was probably Owen Campbell, who played Lucy’s friend at school who’s also afraid of being recalled Quinn. He was an incredibly talented young man who’d just graduated from LaGuardia HS earlier that day. I think that he has a bright future ahead of him in the business.

Recall is an eerie and interesting production. Definitely worth at least one look.