For three years I worked in the two-toned brown building in the lower right corner of this photo (Carnegie Hall Tower). Before the stupid “billionaires” tower went up right in front of it, our view was of all of Central Park. It was so nice. I think I can (almost) see the apartment building that I lived in for six years on Central Park West. 

I’m so glad that I moved uptown after college. 


Another (technically) pre-birthday lunch occurred last Tuesday when Amy treated me to lunch at AQ Kafe on Broadway and 58th Streets, just south of Columbus Circle.  AQ Kafe is a Swedish inspired, casual restaurant where you can be served at one of the many communal tables or opt for take-away.  While we were trying to determine where this birthday lunch should happen, I looked at AQ’s menu and caught sight of the Swedish Meatballs and that was it.  I don’t eat beef very often, if ever, but I love Swedish meatballs.  

I had the platter of Swedish Meatballs while Amy had the Swedish Meatball Sandwich.  My meal was served with mashed potatoes, cucumbers, and lingonberries, and Amy’s came with cucumbers, beet salad, and lingonberries (very similar to cranberry sauce).  For dessert (what’s a birthday celebration without dessert?) we split a single Cremla (a creme-filled brioche bun) which was delicious and more than enough for the two of us.  

Reasonably priced and delicious, I’ll certainly be getting take away for lunch sometime in the near future.  

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