“Race to Deliver,” 11.22.15 aka #runningsucks

Yesterday Justin and I awoke at an unusually early hour (for a Sunday morning) of 6:30am for the “Race to Deliver” in Central Park, benefitting God’s Love We Deliver. I think it’s a great organization and the timing worked out perfectly. We’d had several weeks to prepare (aka running a couple of times per week) and I knew it wouldn’t be warm out anymore – yessss. 

We grabbed bananas and made our way to Central Park. We’d stayed up way-too-late watching the first episodes of The Man in the High Castle so we were running on about 5 hours of sleep – not the greatest idea to be honest. And it was chilly! My long-sleeved shirt was definitely not enough warmth when standing still. 


We took our place among the 6,000 people running the race and just went for it. We ended up running the race in 40:52, which equates to 10:13 miles. Not too bad. I absolutely detest running hills so my quads felt like they were on fire every time we went up a hill. We just ran and ran and didn’t stop and it felt like shit most of the time (for me, at least) but we did it.

My reward was seeing a couple of corgis in the park as we were exiting. I almost died.


Afterwards we treated ourselves to brunch at Jacob’s Pickles on the UWS. We arrived a little after 9:30 and we were shocked to still see a mass of people waiting outside for a table. Luckily we grabbed seats at the bar. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on biscuits with coffee, fruit, and hash browns. 

We might consider doing a 5 mile race next time – in the spring – but who knows. Running is pretty damn boring, but it’s a good way to burn calories and it’s not too bad when you’re running with a partner when you push each other to going farther than you thought you originally could.


Move aside, Helen Mirren.

I almost got to see The Audience, starring Dame Helen Mirren, tonight while surveying for The League, but instead we only watched the last half an hour after a very nice usher walked us in to stand us in the back. But that last half hour was fantastic and I’m going to pay (!) to go back and see the whole thing. But after the show I noticed the dog-handler walking the dogs (Corgis!) across the stage to the alley at the side of the theatre and I popped my head out and got to meet these guys – the true stars of The Audience. Duh.

Oh my goodness, they were so cute. See the one looking at the camera? Yeah, that one is sexy and he (she? her leash says Mimi!) knows it. 

Yeah, I’m going back for the Corgis. I’m sure Mirren will be great too, but…