Valentine’s Day… stupid or not stupid? That is the question. 

I vote that the Empire State Building should always be pink and purple, no? Or it should be at least on April 14th every year (my birthday).

I think Valentine’s Day is stupid, for the most part. I wasn’t even thrilled with it the times I’ve HAD a Valentine (it’s a stupid amount of unnecessary pressure). But instead of being all stupidly bitter about it, I put on my red jeans, and a sheer, flowy black top, black combat boots (hah), curled my hair, and looked pretty for myself.

Of course, since it’s Thursday, we had a plethora of bagels in the office, and after the client meetings were over, we had the leftover heart-shaped Boston Creme donuts. Then someone’s fiance had a big box of Magnolia’s cupcakes delivered, and towards the late afternoon, my parents had two boxes of Butterlane cupcakes delivered (best cupcakes ever).

So, after nearly falling into a sugar coma on the couch in my office, my best man (and guy friend) met me and we went over to SVA for an art show reception. Afterward we grabbed dinner at a Thai restaurant in Chelsea and then hit up Strand Books (one of my favorite stores, ever, even though I should in no way be buying books right now as I have probably 20 books that I have yet to read on my shelves).

Now, after consuming five times my weight in calories today, I’m drinking some Happy Tummy Tea and crashing. But seriously, the Empire State Building should always be pink and red

So, last night I waited outside of Magnolia and watched one of the bakers ice a cake and today it inspired me to make cupcakes.  I went to William Sonoma today and bought Sprinkles cupcakes mix and went to work tonight after an hour at the gym.  Last time I made cupcakes, it was Easter… and it was tragic.  But tonight I went and bought the proper ingredients (when they say confectioner sugar, they actual mean it apparently!), figured out what the difference between egg whites and eggs were, and they came out really well!  They look pretty too.  I can’t ice as well as the baker at Magnolia (I used this video as a tutorial), but in time… who knows.  (Hah, right.)

Tonight was Cupcake Social 2.0, organized by Cupcakes Take the Cakes’ Nichelle Stevens.  Jason and I arrived at The Delancey Rooftop Bar on the LES around 7:30pm to a group of awesome people and some really awesome cupcakes, including a robot that frosted cupcakes!  Before the table was ravaged… Glittle cupcakes!   They also supplied the cupcakes for the Dr. Sketchy’s meet-up.