David Wright (of the NY Mets) and myself tonight at Bloomingdales at the launch of the new Victorinox line.  I went to get an autograph for my dad and brother, but when I got there, I found out he would only sign a baseball that they were giving to people who brought $100+ of Victorinox merchandise.  HAH.  I would’ve more gladly have donated $100 to Wrights’ favorite charity.  Well, after he came back from his “break,” I asked if I could get a picture with him and they said yes, so I grabbed a Victorinox brochure, went up to get a picture, and asked if he’d sign the brochure, too, which he did.  I snuck out after that, not having been seen.  Believe it or not, before tonight, I had NO idea what he looked like but he’s VERY cute… and he seemed like a nice guy.  Go Mets!