auld lang syne

I think New Years Eve is highly overrated (as with almost every Excuse For Bridge-And-Tunnelers To Come Into NYC and Drink) and I used to stress out about plans, like hardcore, probably in high school and college. Luckily my New Years Eve plans have been the same for the past few years. Two friends of mine always have a party at their apartment, and it’s chill and lovely. They had the audacity to get married last Sunday though (hope you’re having fun in Paris, you bastards!) so no party this year. I found a two and a half hour Kundalini yoga workshop tonight though from 6-8:30 at Kundalini Yoga East, so I’ll be there, then getting dinner with a few friends and hopefully waking up tomorrow sans a hangover. 

2013 seemed to have been a pretty shitty year for most people, per my Facebook feed. It wasn’t too rough for me, personally (I guess out of sheer luck?) and it’s ended on a pretty high note (you know who you are). I bought a new notebook for journalling and made a list of resolutions. These are some of them:

  1. Play more guitar: Since I was in between jobs and strapped for cash, thus not taking lessons, my guitar practicing has become monthly, rather than daily. I might start taking a monthly lesson, if my teacher has time. Otherwise, I’ll have to kick my own ass to practice.
  2. Cook more (and new) recipes: I cook the same shit all the time and it’s time to try something new. I received two new cookbooks this holiday season and I’ve marked them all up already with the recipes I want to try.
  3. Save more money: I’m not sure why, or for what I’m saving for, but it’d be nice to be a little bit more financially aware. I’ve stopped spending $40 a month on lattes, so it’s a start/
  4. Learn to do a handstand: This is pretty self-explanatory.
  5. More journaling: I think it’s a good habit.
  6. Meditate: I’ve been meditating regularly for a year now and it’s time to meditate more, and for longer periods of time. And also to keep going to the DMC
  7. Trust my own instincts & continue to detach from my ego: I made my life for a while into an opinion survey, ie. ask everyone what they think and then make my decision. I’ve stopped doing that most of the time. It’s time to stop doing that all of the time. I’ve also made strides in detaching from my ego. I’ve begun to be able to see when someone’s anger is really about them, not me, and that’s nice. It helps make me be less angry. 
  8. Read at least 25 books: I looked at my GoodReads page today and I read 16 books in 2013. Let’s up that to 25 in 2014. 

Time to go shower (I took a yoga class this morning with a teacher whom I’ve always been a bit intimidated by and it was great!) and look as-presentable-as-possible for the workshop Kundalini Yoga East. If you’re still looking for something to do, the DMC is doing a free hour and a half meditation that’s open to all from 7-8:30pm. They’re great – I highly recommend them.