Rockin’ Lunch

For the last two weeks at work I’ve been consistently bringing my lunch every day. For someone who used to buy Starbucks every single morning and buy their lunch every day, this is unbelievable. 

As I wind down on Sunday evening, I once again start to ponder the week and what I’ll eat this week. I watched a few of the vegan videos on Essena O’Neil’s blog and her recipes look SO good. They were partially the inspiration for the wraps you see above. Of course the sauce on them isn’t vegan, and neither is the tiny bit of chicken, but they were tasty and healthy regardless. 

The wrap on the left has zucchini, cucumber, spinach leaves, and brown rice on it and the wraps on the right include spinach leaves, avocado, sliced peppers, and chicken. I’m not a huge fan of wraps and burritos normally because they’re so high in calories, but I’m working on finding rice wraps. 

I also have some of this leftover from when Steve was over on Friday night – this dish is honestly so good and lots of protein! I cooked up some chicken, there’s some rice currently cooking away, and I’m going to sauté some butternut squash soon.

This is such an expensive time of year that if i can save money and not eat out during the week, you better believe I’m doing it. Also: healthier. 


Sick Day

When I was trying to decide how I should ask my boss about taking today off, I thought back to my last job. Upon reflection I realized I’d never taken a sick day. I’d gone home early on two separate occasions but never actually called in sick.


But anyways I’m home today. I started the morning with cereal and half a bagel while watching the rest of season 2 of The Walking Dead on Netflix (the boyfriend got me addicted last Sunday after brunch with my friends).

I’m trying to sort out whether this run-down feeling is the product of an actual cold, the always-changing weather, or from eating poorly. I’ve been packing my body full of protein lately and not eating many vegetables. I think I need a salad.

What’s on my schedule for the rest of the day? Sleeping and watching season 3 of The Walking Dead.

And eating vegetables. Eating lots of vegetables.