Adjusting to Four Eyes

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 11 years old. They were horrendous. A year later when I was 12, I said fuck it, convinced my mom to let me get contacts once the glasses broke (not on purpose, I swear) and I never looked back. Every time I go see my eye doctor, he literally says the same thing: You have to wear glasses sometimes to let your eyes breathe

He said there were literally blood vessels bursting in my eyes because they were suffocating. So, back in the fall I bought a new pair of glasses (these are the first pair that I returned a month later because they looked almost exactly like my purple glasses, the new ones are more cat-eyed). 

I wanted glasses that weren’t bright purple, a little more toned down. I haven’t really worn the new pair much though. I had them adjusted once and after wearing them for several hours, I realized they pinched the back of my head on one side. Warby Parker is far away from where I work, live, and play, so I haven’t made it back down to get them adjusted for a second time yet. 

But after my discovery last weekend that wearing glasses on the elliptical wasn’t a huge pain in the ass, I left my glasses on while in the gym on Thursday morning and then I was brave and wore them to work for the entire day. I felt sweaty and gross with them on at first (but that was because I had just dried my hair and I was sweaty and gross) but as the day wore on, I continued to get more comfortable in them. 

I might try wearing them once or twice a week. Just to give my eyes a break. Since I’m very legally blind already and burst bloody vessels won’t help the situation very much. But, that said, it’s really going to take a lot to get used to.