First Hot Run


I hate running in the summer. It’s miserable. The heat and humidity are unbearable so I haven’t run for a month. Yesterday, J and I ran a quick two miles (his Nike+ app said two miles, so whatever) in Riverside Park and along the Hudson River.

It was not an easy run at all for me. We walked up along the river for 20 or so blocks after we stopped running so we got a bit of a tan. We were exhausted after that. 

I can’t wait to run in fall weather.


How To Be Mindful

I definitely don’t feel this stressed out transition this post-Labor Day week, thankfully. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt it. The month’s just kind of all blend together when you work, don’t they? Summer is nice, but I like fall better. 

How To Be Mindful

The “Fall” of 2014

You know what I love? This weather. I’m so glad we seem to have skipped over summer this year (I know it’s coming, probably, but let it go). This weather is the best. I was so happy when I woke up and the high was 62* after yesterday’s high was 86*. 

Bring on the ¾ sleeved shirts, light sweaters, plaid, and jeans.

Forever and always. 

Who needs tanning skin cancer anyways?