5 ways to ooze confidence—and professionalism—on the job

I just finished Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (she’s my new guru – though of course she doesn’t know it) and I read Well & Good every day, so this was an awesome read!

5 ways to ooze confidence—and professionalism—on the job

My mom asked me the most mind-blowing question last weekend: “So, during the dating process, when do you stop going Dutch?

Wait, what?! So now men are expected to pay not just for the first date, but for all subsequent dates too? Whoa. I was shocked, to say the least. I love my mom very much, but her views are sometimes antiquated when it comes to dating and gender roles.

I’m barely comfortable letting guys buy me a drink (or dinner) on a first date. I’ve also had first dates where we’ve gone Dutch, which is totally fine too.  I didn’t date much this year because I was unemployed and dating is expensive. I don’t ever want to burden someone with the expense of entertaining me. I can entertain myself, thankyouverymuch. This is the 21st century and I’m not looking for a guy to take care of me. I don’t want to feel that indebted to someone.  Marriage isn’t that high on my to-do list for life.

I would love to find someone to be a partner-in-crime, a best friend, confidante, and roomie, but he should never come at me saying something like, “I could totally afford you.” I think I’d literally LOL and show him (or myself) to the door.

(This photo is a piece of art that I saw in Homegoods the other day. I really like it. I might buy it.)