The San Francisco Giants were in town this weekend (through tomorrow afternoon!) playing the Mets so that meant I spent some time down at Finnerty’s in the East Village. 

Kristen obliged my request on Friday after we had coffee (Ground Central) and dinner (Dig Inn) and we went down to watch the game and watch some frat boys get thrown out after trying to start a “Giants suck! Giants suck!” chant. They won. Woot! 

On Saturday I went to the game with my family at Citifield and they lost – I was very sad. 

And today, Sunday, I put on my last clean orange shirt and made my way back to Finnerty’s to watch the game. They massacred the Mets, 8-0. It almost made up for last night’s loss. 

Next to me were sitting two Mets fans. I believe my first question to them was you couldn’t find a Mets bar to watch the game in? and they said they just wanted to watch the game somewhere where people would care about what was going on because there really are no “Mets bars” in the city. I kept telling them in the bottom of the 9th, “There’s still a chance that they can really even this thing up!” And despite my giving them a hard time, the one sitting closest to me asked for my number (and I MISTAKENLY gave him my mother’s number – it’s one digit different. OMG I was mortified. He’s laughed it off and we’re getting a drink later this week. Keeper?). 

One last game tomorrow. Go Giants!


San Francisco Giants World Series Trophy Viewing, Pt. 2

I went to see the San Francisco Giants World Series trophy two years ago when they won in 2010 at Finnerty’s in the East Village. Today I went back [to Finnerty’s] with my parents to see their newest trophy after their 2012 win. The line was long, the fans were crazy, and there was lots of orange and black. 

The hat I’m wearing in this photo is about twenty years old. I recently found it on a shelf in my brother’s room. I reclaimed it because I got it when I was probably six or seven. (Also: my brother is a Mets fan, so he probably didn’t notice or care.)

So this is the result of today’s line waiting (it’s my dad and I, my parents took another one after sans me). Go Giants!