I went through one of my wardrobes this week to see what I’ve worn and what I haven’t since I did that whole turning-your-hangers-the-wrong-way experiment a couple of months ago. I was happy and surprised to see that I’ve worn over half of my wardrobe in the last few months (worn stuff is on the left, and unworn stuff is on the right – you can kind of see the divide). 

I knew exactly what I probably haven’t worn: Cardigans. Wraps. Things you wear over tank tops and t-shirts. I’m not wearing ANY of that during winter because all I want to wear when it’s cold are sweaters. Those couple of plaid shirts hiding? I’m probably never going to wear those either. I always intend to wear them because they look super cute on other people but then I’m always like: “eh, sweater.” Because it’s still cold. Really, really fucking cold.

I’m definitely feeling the need to go all Marie Kondo Method again to get rid of even more clothing. Specifically my jean collection. I believe I’ve worn all of two, possibly three, pairs of jeans since I started this experiment. I even found (and immediately discarded) a pair of skinny jeans from probably 6 years ago with a huge hole on the inner thigh of one of the legs (chaffing from when I was 40lbs heavier). I think I’ve worn my black skinny jeans, my blue skinny jeans, and maybe a regular pair of flare jeans. Maybe. (Though probably not, let’s be honest.)

So, I’m feeling the need to purge again. I’ll probably do it this weekend. I wore a sweater from the right side of the closet today and it was actually kind of cute, but it was super itchy, too. 

I’ll just file this under “First World Problems” and call it a day.



Yoga has been stressing me out a lot lately. Not the actual practice but GOING to yoga. And getting home after at 9:30, famished and irritated that it’s 9:30 and that I’m starving.

Then there’s also the fact that one of the classes I was going to as my “challenging” class is no longer challenging. I think, according to my heart rate monitor, I only burned 150 calories. I used to sweat my ass off in that class. Not so much anymore. And that’s great because it means I’m getting better, but frustrating because I have to switch up my class schedule to find harder classes to go to. I also kinda hate the teacher of this now too-easy class.

I’ve been going to yoga on Saturdays and Sundays a lot recently because two of my favorite teachers teach on the weekends. But I know I won’t always want to get up at 8 on the weekends.

I know, I know, it’s all so “first world problem,” but it’s been really frustrating me lately. Maybe I’ll switch to one yoga class during the week, two on the weekends, and running in the gym in my basement twice a week (or three?).

Sounds like a good compromise with myself.