Staying Clean

I think my stomach is still trying to work through the crap that I put in my body on Sunday (1 liter of beer + pizza) and Monday (I was forced [not really] to try a Chik-fil-A sandwich). 

I feel bloated and gross, and even though I went to an ass kicking yoga class tonight I’m not really all that hungry. 

I tried to clean it up today: I had Trader Joe’s pumpkin O’s with skim milk for breakfast today, kale salad + chicken + about 4 tortilla chips + ½ cup guacamole + charred cauliflower for lunch, and an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter for a snack. I’m deciding to have Ezekiel toast with ¼ avocado + lemon juice + pepper flakes for dinner.

Fuck it. I’m just doing the elliptical tomorrow morning.